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Zeitcoin is a community driven cryptocurrency, which means we openly encourage  your involvement and support in it’s development. There are many ways to get involved from technical to social to ownership.



Social media.

Spread the word

We have an active community discussing the current state of cryptocurrency and the future plans of Zeitcoin. We welcome more members to all our social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.


The more people engage, discuss and promote our ideals the quicker we can move towards adoption as a global currency.



Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android

We are continually improving our technology and striving to increase our reach. Our goals are not only limited to the development of Zeitcoin but also wallets for mobile and desktop, integration to other platforms, exchanges and use of the coin globally. If you feel that you would like to help with development join slack. We would also love to hear from those of you who want to shape Zeitcoins long term future and who knows, maybe you could become one of the famous Zeit Knights.

The round table.

What is a zeit knight?

A zeit knight is supporter and "protector" of zeitcoin. Required to hold 100 Million zeit in their Wallet, to stake and help secure the network. By being a knight you protect the network and help stabilize the coin.


On the 13th anniversary of the Knight's registration they will earn the title of Celestial zeit knight. Once a Knight becomes a Celestial their requirement to be a Knight drops by 10 million coins per year. So after the 13th anniversary they have the option to sell 10 million coins per year and still be listed as a Knight.

How to Register

Go to and verify your amount of zeit is at least 100 million. Copy & Paste your zeit address in the search box and hit enter. Copy & Paste your Address & Balance in a POST, time stamped in March 2018 in the Knight Forum. Example:

Name                 Kiklo
Address             McTB1Hv4FMsuvUAnmjcdPbXta51qJ7wSWD
Balance             109,697,169.412637 zeit

Once your post is up we will send you 2018 zeitcoins within 12 hours. After you receive the zeit use Coin Control and send back exactly 2018 zeit to McTB1Hv4FMsuvUAnmjcdPbXta51qJ7wSWD from the 2018 that was sent to you.


NOTE! Only send from the block of 2018 sent to you. Sending from another block can cause the entire block amount to be subtracted from your total by the block explorer stats.


This confirms your ownership of the Account. Within 24 hours of confirming ownership of the account, A Post will be added to the Knight-Registrations Forum of your Achievement and zeit knighthood!


NOTE! If you are unfamiliar using coin control, read the Cryptopia Thread first and ask if you have any questions.


New Knights can only Register from March 1st through to March 31st.


Slack channel.

If you would like to contribute to the development of Zeitcoin join our channel at



Slack channel

Community forum